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 Yoga therapy 

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Florian Hockenholz

The theoretical content in the form of webinars and online courses is always taught by myself after 20 years. The practical seminars are taught by licensed teaching therapists of my concept.

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The facts of the training


With yoga therapy you will learn a 100% active therapy system for your patients. Strength training, coordination, flexibility, endurance and cognitive training are combined here to help patients from orthopaedics, surgery, gynaecology, urology, neurology, psychosomatics and many other specialist areas in a holistic way.
Become more active in the work of your patients and combine physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sports and movement therapy as well as osteopathy with the movement elements of yoga.
This training is based on the current scientific evidence and completely dispenses with esoteric content.
This training is also suitable for therapists without yoga experience.



7 modules + online course:


  1. Fascia Yoga (systems of connective tissue). In this part of the course you will learn how to treat the musculoskeletal system with the help of yoga. The focus here is on the system of connective tissue (fascia) and the muscles. In this course you will learn how to treat movement restrictions, large scar areas, instability of the spine and peripheral joints and many other symptom complexes effectively and 100% actively.

  2. Yoga and nervous system (VNS and PNS). In this course you will learn how to effectively treat vegetative dysregulations caused by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. In addition, you will learn how to treat visceral symptom complexes such as: functional heart problems, digestive problems, uro-gynecological problems. In the second part of the training you will learn how to treat peripheral compression syndromes of the peripheral nerves and the plexus.

  3. Yoga in Psychosomatics & psychiatry. Depression, Addiction, Anxiety Disorders & Panic attacks are common symptoms in psychosomatics. In this course you will learn how to carry out group and individual lessons specifically for individual clinical pictures.

  4. Yoga in Neurology & oncology. In this course you will learn how to treat patients with severe health restrictions. You will learn to do yoga sessions while sitting and also in a supine and side position.

  5. Yoga in pain therapy. Chronic pain is a clear indication for active movement therapy and therefore yoga. learn to carry out active yoga units for different clinical pictures and symptom complexes.

  6. Thai Yoga (Hands-On Yoga Therapy). This course is also called 'Yoga for Lazy People'. for some patients it can make sense to support active yoga therapy with passive measures. Passive bodywork techniques are combined with active yoga asanas.

  7. Yoga Therapy – Integration & Test. In this part of the course, we combine the entire knowledge into a holistic therapy concept and conclude the further training with a voluntary examination.


In addition, you repeat and deepen the content with an online course that covers all topics of the training. The online course is approximately 100 hours.


You can get all the information here:

info webinar

I will answer all your questions in the info webinar. Book your free place directly.

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