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 PainOccupational therapy 

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Florian Hockenholz

The theoretical content in the form of webinars and online courses is always taught by myself after 20 years. The practical seminars are taught by licensed teaching therapists of my concept.

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The facts of the training


Acute and chronic pain are a common reason why patients seek occupational therapy. In orthopaedics, rheumatology, (hand) surgery, but also in pediatrics, neurology and geriatrics, occupational therapists are regularly confronted with the phenomenon of pain.
Chronic pain regularly overwhelms patients, their families, but also doctors and therapists. Long anamnesis, complex psychological and social factors occur concomitantly and complicate the therapeutic process.

The further training prepares you optimally for the therapeutic support of chronic pain patients in practice, clinic and rehabilitation. Starting with classifications and assessments, you will learn the basic structure of the treatment of chronic pain patients and develop your knowledge of diagnostic techniques, documentation and treatment techniques from the local, fascial, segmental, vegetative and visceral areas.

The course series consists of 6 course parts in presence at the further education institute and 4 course parts which are completed live online. The online courses convey the theory in a practical way. In addition, patients are connected live here and the entire treatment strategy is worked out in the group. Here, patients can also “bring along” online and complex questions can be processed in a way that everyone can understand.
In the face-to-face courses at the institute, the practical reference from the online courses is then worked on directly and intensively.
accompanying each 3-day course, you edit content online.
The course series for 2023 has been completely revised.


Course 1 – Online:
Basic knowledge of pain therapy, structure of findings, physiology of connective tissue, autonomic nervous system, documentation according to ICF, first patient examples

Course 2 – Presence:
Examination and treatment procedures of the upper extremity, cervical spine, ribs and thoracic spine


Course 3 – Presence:
Examination and treatment of the connective tissue and fascia, as well as the structural examination and treatment of the lower extremities


Course 4 – Online:
Synthesis of Courses 1-3, Limbic System & Pain memory, pain physiology, theory of diaphragms, visceral differential diagnosis of chronic pain processes, graded activity

Course 5 – Presence:
structural examination and treatment of the pelvis, reflex-vegetative examination and treatment techniques, treatment of diaphragms, respiratory therapy in relation to pain patients

Course 6 – Presence:
structural examination and treatment of the lower extremities and the pelvis, reflexive-vegetative examination and treatment techniques, practical implementation of patient examples


Course 7 – Online:
Focus on Psychosomatics, Communication & Synthesis, theory and treatment strategy of dizziness, tinnitus, headache & migraines & Graded Exposure


Course 8 – Presence:
Practical implementation of patient examples in the areas of dizziness, headaches, migraines, synthesis and practical exam preparation


Course 9 – Online:

Synthesis & Treatment strategy, forced-use therapy adapted to pain therapy
Preparation of the practical exam - creation of the practical example, theoretical exam


Course 10 – Presence:
Synthesis & Deepening, treatment methods from the field of reflex therapy, practical exam



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