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Florian Hockenholz

This online course consists of a total of 5 e-learning courses and summarizes my theoretical content from the pain therapy courses.

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The facts of the training


Expand your expertise with our advanced training in sympathetic nervous system therapy! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the autonomic nervous system and learn how to specifically intervene in this complex network in order to accelerate healing processes, alleviate pain and improve the well-being of your patients. Based on scientific knowledge and practical applications, this advanced training will make you an expert in this field of medicine. Sign up now and seize the opportunity to take your therapeutic skills to the next level!


Basic Course - Online:
Insights into the field of sympathetic therapy

Course 1 – Online:
Neurophysiology and Neuroanatomy, Structure of the Sympathetic & Parasympathetic nervous system, visceral connections, visceral differential diagnostics, visceral therapy, ...

Course 2 – Online:

Peripheral Influences & Scars, vegetative scar therapy, visceral influences and visceral reflex therapy, practical examples

Course 3 – Online:
VNS and stress, central sympathetic imbalances, centrally effective and constructive treatment methods

Practical compact course:
We offer the practical compact course twice a year. In 2 days we will work out the practical examination and treatment techniques for all individual subject areas. In order to be able to take part in this course, you should have completed the basic e-learning and courses 1-3.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

You can get all the information here:

info webinar

I will answer all your questions in the info webinar. Book your free place directly.

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