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 Medical yoga teacher 

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Florian Hockenholz

The theoretical content in the form of webinars and online courses is always taught by myself after 20 years. The practical seminars are taught by licensed teaching therapists of my concept.

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The facts of the training


Immerse yourself in the world of yoga!
Our 'Medical Yoga Training' offers you the unique opportunity to combine the traditional practice of yoga with modern medical knowledge.

This comprehensive training program combines the wisdom of ancient yoga philosophy with the latest medical knowledge to paint a comprehensive picture of health and well-being. You will not only learn how to guide yoga postures for people of all ages and physical abilities, but also how to use therapeutic yoga techniques to address specific health issues.

Whether you're an existing yoga teacher looking to expand your skills, or a medical professional looking to learn a new, holistic approach to healthcare, our medical yoga training is for you!

In close cooperation with physiotherapists and experienced yoga teachers, we offer an intensive program that includes both theoretical and practical aspects. From anatomy and physiology to specialized techniques such as breathing exercises and meditation, you will acquire all the skills necessary to effectively teach medical yoga and improve the health of your students.


The content is distributed evenly across all 5 parts of the course. The parts of the course build on each other and should therefore be completed in the appropriate order. In exceptions such as illness or other things, the order can also be deviated from.

anatomy, physiology, biomechanics,connective tissue- and neurophysiology, pedagogy, didactics, structure of lessons and course series, classical yoga texts and philosophy, theory of meditation & mindfulness,...


Sun salutation with variants, basic asanas and variants, at least 2 yoga hours daily, advanced asanas, asanas in a therapeutic context, pranayama and breathing, meditation, practical exercises in mindfulness, therapeutically oriented execution of asanas, ...


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