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Florian Hockenholz

The theoretical content in the form of webinars and online courses is still taught by myself after 20 years. The practical seminars are taught by licensed teaching therapists of my concept.

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The facts of the training


Chronic pain is a very complex complex. Physiological, social and psychological factors affect the symptoms. This often leads to doctors, therapists and patients being overwhelmed. The pain expressed by the patient is often presented as having a structural cause or as a psychosomatic illness. Seen in isolation, both are wrong and, as so often, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Also, modern pain therapy cannot be divided into “hands on” and “hands off” – modern physiotherapy manages to integrate both in a meaningful way.

In this further training you will learn a concept that has been tried and tested for over 20 years and which is adapted to current knowledge every year. In addition to this further training, you will complete an e-learning course in our own "meducatio" app with around 120 hours. From the first day of this course series you have access to all content, videos and presentations of the entire training. In this way, you can prepare intensively for the courses and, after the course days, repeat and deepen everything again in peace.
You can also take part in regular, free webinars, ask your questions, introduce patients, discuss in the group and thus maintain and intensify contact with us and with many therapists from all German-speaking countries.

The further training consists of two live online courses, in which theoretical basics are developed, patients are presented live via video, therapeutic strategies are created using the patient videos, participants can contribute their own patient videos, external specialists (doctors, psychotherapists, sports therapists and many more) are added live by the hour to explain pain and therapeutic strategy from their professional point of view.
The 2 face-to-face courses are very practically oriented and form a bridge from theory to daily application.



Part 1:

In this course you will learn the basics of pain therapy directly in practical application. In addition to the structure of findings and documentation, you will learn the local examination and treatment of symptom complexes such as headaches, migraines, dizziness and other diseases of the head and cervical spine.

In addition to local pain processes, you will learn the basics of pain physiology and the limbic system in this course. In this online course, psychotherapists and a doctor teach in-depth content live.

Part 2:

Building on the previous part of the course, we will work on the systematic treatment of the connective tissue. The focus is on the "Anatomy Trains", the diaphragms and the structural treatment of the spine. Chronic spinal pain, spinal stenosis, herniated discs and peripheral compression syndromes are the practical reference points of this course.


Part 3:
In this part of the course, we expand the structural treatment of chronic pain disorders to include visceral differential diagnostics and the investigation and treatment of vegetative factors.
Diseases such as CRPS, diseases of the upper extremities, pain syndromes in the pelvic region and examination and treatment procedures of the lower extremities are the focus of this course.

Part 4:
The fourth part of the course deals with the active therapy of chronic pain processes. The promotion of compliance and communication is treated here as well as the treatment concepts of Graded Activity, Graded Exposure and some other concepts. The "fear of pain" and therapy in psychosomatics is also one of the major focal points here. Learn how to use these coaching concepts safely in practical exercises and accompany your patients competently. In this part of the course, too, several non-specialist speakers will teach live.


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